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Kathy McClelland
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Background: 1/2/2015

Kathy McClelland

Office Staff

Kathy McClelland's Bio:

Kathy McClelland is the manager of Human Resources at Precision Garage Door Service in Pittsburgh, an Industry Leader in garage door replacement and Installation. Kathy possesses over eight (8) years of Organizational Development Experience. Kathy's expertise includes organizational development training, training and development and leadership and management coaching. Kathy is passionate about helping Precision Garage Door Service make the most of their resources and talent, and also individuals. In addition to her accomplishments in HR, Kathy has also worked in the medical EMS field and has six (6) years of experience in Hospice Care and four (4) years working within a nursing home environment. Prior to this, she spent over a year in Hotel Management. Kathy is committed to excellence in customer service as well as devotion to the success of each Precision Garage Door Service employee.